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Post  richnovil on Mon Mar 10, 2008 7:23 pm

Disclaimer: This website is open to the general public. MKHCB Corp. is not responsible for the context posted by others. Furthermore, based on region location, particular download links might be considered illegal and/or piracy, so please conduct yourselves accordingly to the law of your country. Furthermore, site administrators would always be on the look out for illegal or malware infected post, but donít relay on the moderators to catch everything.

Only post your work not the work of others! Moderators and Admin will check this forum for any post that may be harmfull or warez. We will try to make sure that each file is clean, but don't always count on us. The decission to download any thing posted on this site is your choice. We do NOT take responsiblity for any damages to your system.

MKHCB & RichNovil

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